All our practitioners  deal with a full range of issues arising in General Practice, though each has their areas of special interest & expertise. Please check out below a little information about our GP's along with Information with links that explain a little to do with their practices & Interests.


Dr Ron Bleier has extensive and ongoing specialist training, and years of experience, in the fields of Japanese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. His main interest lies in providing care for the whole person.

Dr Louise Bleier has a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and extra training in Paediatrics, Western Herbal Medicine, Counselling and Hypnosis. Dr Louise has a very special natural connection with children. She is also skilled in dealing with emotional (or mental) health issues, and assisting with breaking unwanted habits.


Dr Liz Stringer has special interests in allergy and nutritional medicine, especially how these relate to general health, mental health, behavioural issues and autism spectrum disorders. If you are willing to commit to caring for yourself through natural supplements and lifestyle changes, Dr Liz will do her best to steer you in the right direction.

Please go to our Practice Information tab for more information on BioBalance.

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BioBalance - 

Gabby Harris is a midwife (registered nurse) and nurse practitioner, and working with the GP's, is able to conduct medical consults, prescribe medication and order pathology and imaging.  Gabby provides excellent care in many areas including antenatal checks, vaccination, wound care, ear care, and minor procedures. Gabby has a conscientious and caring approach, and is a favourite with many of our patients.

Dr Alexandra Bernhardi is our locum working only Mondays. Dr. Alex has studied and worked in General Practice in Germany until she came to the Douglas Shire in 2005. She is passionate about education and preventative medicine and likes to get to the root causes of diseases. Currently, Dr. Alex is offering a holistic lifestyle program for patients with - or at risk of - diabetes Type 2.

Jess Bowen is not just our friendly administrative assistant, but is also a trained Medical Assistant tending to patients who require blood tests, dressings, obs (blood pressure, measurements), Spirometry, ECG's and also assists doctors in procedures. She helps out in our treatment room a couple of days a week.  

Interesting Articles

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Help Quarantined Kids Stay Calm and Collected

According to a report from the BBC, nearly 75% of Americans are on some form of lockdown. And the majority of schools across the country are closed at least until May, with many being closed until further notice.

 Despite news outlets reporting on the coronavirus as early as December, many of us were completely unprepared for the scale of the crisis. 

That means that very suddenly, our lives have sharply pivoted in a way they haven’t in most citizens’ living memories. Children are at home during a time when they wouldn’t normally be, and most parents are home with them.

What’s more, mental health professionals are not only predicting spikes in anxiety and depression, they’re already starting to see them. 

And because we can’t congregate as a nation and lift each other up – social distancing practices prevent that specifically – families are forced to turn inward and support one another, while each member suffers themselves...

The least of which are certainly not children. 

Written By THE URBAN MONK - Lucy Schlessinger

INTERESTED IN MORE.... go to link below

Caveman Skills Just as Relevant

Now as Then


The more we’ve moved humanity indoors, automated our skills away, and gotten our experience of the world filtered and sent to us through screens…

The more we’ve lost touch with some of the vital skills cavemen and prehistoric men learned in order to survive.

We’re only able to tell an automated device to play a song by a famous dead artist, or microwave a burrito, or fly to a different time zone on a moment’s notice, because our ancestors developed the essential skills that were necessary to beat the odds and survive.

Now, our brains and urges haven’t changed all that much.

We still want to have sex. We still get cold and hungry. We still get bored waiting without stimuli. We still instinctively fight to save our young from danger. We still laugh when someone stubs their toe. We still delight in the beauty and awe of nature.

But the world looks different now.

When the human brain isn’t occupied in storing enough grain to get us through the winter or building every family member a bowl for food, we’re able to focus on other things — like paying for gym memberships so we don’t have to run in the cold, or studying surgery so that we can repair someone who would’ve been considered a lost cause 200 years ago.


So it can be pretty easy to forget important lessons from our ancestors.

Coronavirus Combat Mission

What’s your advice about the coronavirus? That’s the question of the month for many practitioners, it seems.

No matter what the external pathogen, the body reacts to preserve Qi and life by activating Wei-defensive Qi (the immune system). Wei Qi also governs the musculature and therefore allows us to move. Since viruses have Wind as their escort and are Cold in nature, we know to run inside when it hails, or from gale force wind, or from cold itself. We raise our shoulders to protect ourselves when encountering wind or even a draft. Our bodies recoil from danger, and it is Wei Qi, in all its complexity, that energizes that movement.

The coronavirus will elicit this reaction, too, of course. Upon contact, the body will tighten up along the Tai Yang sinew (the upper back and neck) then the body will generate sneezes—the most violent and the fastest action of the body—to evacuate the pathogen. The power to do this comes from Yang Qi. In Wuhan they are observing that children are far less likely to succumb to the virus. This is because children are naturally abundant in Yang Qi, (though comparatively Yin deficient). The children are pushing it off before they have to reach for deeper resources.

Liver Toxins

It's no surprise that we live in an increasingly toxic world.

 But did you know that over 80,000 chemicals contaminate the air, water and food supply?

 (Many of them have NEVER been tested to find out the effects of long term exposure in humans.)

 Here are the top 10 toxins that we're exposed to on a daily basis...

  1. Alcohol

  2. Tobacco smoke

  3. Prescription and OTC medications

  4. Artificial sweeteners

  5. Dental fillings (mercury is a toxic heavy metal!)

  6. Bisphenol A (found in water bottles and food storage containers)

  7. Artificial fragrance (3,000 chemicals in this category!)

  8.  (from anti-stain coatings on furniture and carpets)

  9. Air pollution (indoor and outdoor)

  10.  (RoundUp is the worst and it's everywhere!

How to Attract the Kind of Partner You Want

If human beings as a whole had figured out the secret key ingredient to falling, being, and staying in love, we’d have stopped writing about.


Alas, we haven’t. And probably won’t. Ever.

But what we have done is spent our entire collective sentient experience since the dawn of conscious personhood studying love and attraction, trying to crack the code.

And honestly? We’ve learned a lot.

From stockpiling communication tools to making your marriage last longer…

To applying certain scents to attract a mate…

And even developing a commonly accepted list of “red flags” proven to unmask fake love and make room for the real thing.

Not to mention that in 2020, we’re hunting for different qualities than our rom-com ancestors. Young women aren’t necessarily looking for hardy family-providers anymore, and young men aren’t necessarily limited to seeking coquettish waifs with a famous tuna casserole recipe.

As cultural mores have evolved, needs have changed…

Written By Lucy Schlessinger


Escapism is Ancient: How to Manage your Screen Addiction

The first caveman who daydreamed about the fields beyond his own exercised the same basic instinct we do when we scroll our social media mindlessly: escapism.


Every form of media that humanity has developed and consumed is driven by the desire to escape our realities and experience another one, and we’ll never be rid of it.


Folklore. Religion. Mythology. Books. Music. Painting. Sculpting. Museums. Newspapers. Radio. Television. Cinema. Social media. 


Humans can squabble about the merits of various facets of escapism — music is sophisticated, but reality TV is trash. Museums are a bottomless well of cultural significance, but social media is mindless. Classic cinema is artistic and tasteful, but stoner Seth Rogen movies are irredeemable.


But in 2020, the common conversation is less about debating whether or not you should “waste time” (not contribute to the forward-moving machine of capitalism), but whether or not you should waste time on screens.

If your interested in reading more click on link below:


The EPA opened the doors on its US Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program in 1996. This branch of the agency was responsible for determining the impact on humans of industrial and agricultural chemicals either directly or indirectly.

Like what happens to our drinking water when herbicides run off of plants and into streams...

Or when children drink from plastic laced with BPA. 

We’ve talked before about what endocrine-disruptors do — how they mimic naturally occurring hormones and interfere with signals in the body. 

And the country has come a long way in regulating the chemical presences and excesses of these dangerous compounds. 

But there is still a lot that’s unknown — for example, at which quantity does each individual endocrine-disruptor begin to affect a human being? How long does one have to be exposed in order for the effect to be permanent or noticeable? Are there homeopathic ways to counteract the impact of endocrine-disruptors on the body?


We don’t have exact answers to many of these questions.


Totally Selfish Reasons to Give Thanks Regularly

Being grateful can be really difficult.

In light of a world where the cost of living has risen disproportionately to wage increases, basic healthcare coverage is just a hope for even the middle classes, and the news offers a deluge of depressing and isolating stories…


Remembering to be happy for what you have must be a deliberate effort.


And the marketing machine of the capitalist West drives this message home everywhere it can: what you have is not enough. What you are is not enough. What you need is to get more. 

But studies are showing that the regular practice of gratitude can change the neural pathways in your brain, effectively training yourself to stay grounded and optimistic.

We know that the brain loves habits. With enough sustained effort and concentration, we can rewire our brains to behave the way we want them to, barring inborn chemical imbalances and disorders. We can redirect desires, develop new tastes, and discourage unhealthy longings.

 And the brain reacts to regular, committed gratitude no differently. In fact, making a conscious effort to lower the bar for things that are thanks-worthy, and then noticing and documenting those events, not only affects chemical production in the brain, but helps build a stronger empathy and compassion center.


First, we’re going to look at what happens to the brain when it experiences gratitude as an emotion…

To read more about this go to the link below....

How Getting Up Earlier Can Change Your Whole Life


If you had to guess, out of all the falsehoods and fibs and omissions in the history of the world…

What would you say is the greatest lie ever told?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

For late risers, it’s a no-brainer. 

“I’ll get up early and do that.”

You see, those out there (especially right now, when New Year’s resolutions are at their peak performance levels) trying to cram more into their schedules — workout routines, meal prepping, new hobbies, longer sleep — usually try to add them to an imaginary morning schedule.

But if you struggle with getting up early, that can feel almost impossible.

So many factors contribute to difficulty peeling the covers off and getting up before you absolutely have to — sleep disorders, stress, sleep deficiency, depression, chronic pain, and good old force of habit. 

And there are tons of ways you can retrain your body to get up earlier (more on that in a later post.)

ARTICLE TAKEN FROM "The Urban Monk" - Lucy Schlessinger

If you want to read more click on the link below......






It was not long ago that talking about gut health and microbiome (bacteria and fungal organisms) was once considered to be "out there" and a bunch of "woo". These days even specialities such as paediatrics, psychiatry and neurology are noting the importance of these organisms in their field.

Article Written by By Dr. Aparna Hegde 
Cosmetic & Integrative General Practitioner, Educator A5M & ACAAM, Advisory Panel Member A5M
MBBS, FRACGP, MPH & Tropical Medicine, Dip Aviation Med, ACAAM

For more on this subject click on the link below....


Building on earlier research and treatment experience of Dr Carl Pfeiffer at the Princeton Brain Bio-Center, Dr William Walsh founded Health Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1982 and set up the associated non-profit outpatient treatment clinic, Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed), in 1989. Dr Walsh established the Walsh Research Institute in 2008 after leaving HRI-PTC to further his research work and train doctors.

The treatment involves assessment of each patient's body chemistry imbalances using a range of laboratory tests of blood, urine and hair samples, along with physical examination, medical and life history data. Individualised complementary nutritional supplement programs aimed at balancing the patient's body chemistry are prescribed on the basis of these assessments.

Follow-up studies of representative patient samples have indicated a high level of effectiveness for the treatment, finding that recovery or significant improvement was achieved in a high proportion of cases, often enabling conventional drug dosages to be significantly reduced and, in some cases, phased out in consultation with the patient's doctor. Many thousands of patients have been successfully treated using this approach.

If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and find a doctor in your area.

To read about THE PROCESS click on the link below:

The Therapeutic Value of Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. Comparative studies found Visceral Manipulation beneficial for various disorders.

Acute Disorders:
Whiplash  /   Seatbelt Injuries  /  Chest or Abdominal Sports Injuries  /  Concussion  /  Traumatic Brain Injuries

Digestive Disorders  /  Bloating and Constipation  /  Nausea and Acid Reflux  /  GERD  /  Swallowing Dysfunctions / Women's and Men's Health Issues  /  Chronic Pelvic Pain  /  Endometriosis  /  Fibroids and Cysts / Dysmenorrhea  /  Bladder Incontinence  /  Prostate Dysfunction  /  Referred Testicular Pain  /  Effects of Menopause / Musculoskeletal Disorders  /  Somatic-Visceral Interactions  /  Chronic Spinal Dysfunction / Headaches and Migraines  /  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  /  Peripheral Joint Pain  /  Sciatica

Pain Related to:
Post-operative Scar Tissue  /  Post-infection Scar Tissue  /  Autonomic Mechanisms / Pediatric Issues  /  Constipation and Gastritis  /  Persistent Vomiting  /  Vesicoureteral Reflux / Infant Colic  /  Emotional Issues  /  Anxiety and Depression  /  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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