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All our practitioners  deal with a full range of issues arising in General Practice, though each has their areas of special interest & expertise. Please check out below a little information about our GP's along with Information with links that explain a little to do with their practices & Interests.


Dr Ron Bleier has extensive and ongoing specialist training, and years of experience, in the fields of Japanese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. His main interest lies in providing care for the whole person.

Dr Louise Bleier has a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and extra training in Paediatrics, Western Herbal Medicine, Counselling and Hypnosis. Dr Louise has a very special natural connection with children. She is also skilled in dealing with emotional (or mental) health issues, and assisting with breaking unwanted habits.


Dr Liz Stringer has special interests in allergy and nutritional medicine, especially how these relate to general health, mental health, behavioural issues and autism spectrum disorders. If you are willing to commit to caring for yourself through natural supplements and lifestyle changes, Dr Liz will do her best to steer you in the right direction.

Please go to our Practice Information tab for more information on BioBalance.

Interesting Links you may want to visit:

BioBalance - 

Gabby Harris is a midwife (registered nurse) and nurse practitioner, and working with the GP's, is able to conduct medical consults, prescribe medication and order pathology and imaging.  Gabby provides excellent care in many areas including antenatal checks, vaccination, wound care, ear care, and minor procedures. Gabby has a conscientious and caring approach, and is a favourite with many of our patients.

Jess Bowen is not just our friendly administrative assistant, but is also a trained Medical Assistant tending to patients who require blood tests, dressings, obs (blood pressure, measurements), Spirometry, ECG's and also assists doctors in procedures. Jess helps out in our treatment room a couple of days a week.  

Tina Radley is our Practice Manager of 10years and is here to help our beautiful practice run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You will find Tina at our front reception two days a week and running the practice in the back office the other three.

Administration Staff  Amber & Courtney are our friendly faces here to connect you with your doctor and answer any questions you may have regarding our practice.


Please treat all of our staff with respect. Aggressive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated at New Horizons and you will be asked to leave. Treat all our staff and doctors how you would like to be treated, we are here to help you. Thank you.

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